Puppy / Kitten Offers

To help you provide the best care for your pet in their first year of life we have put together a special offer.

When you register your puppy/kitten with us for their vaccinations, you will receive ALL of the following benefits for just £60 for kittens and £50 for puppies!!!

  • Full health check and advice by the vet
  • Full vaccination course including 2 injections
  • £5 voucher off neutering
  • £5 voucher off microchipping
  • FREE month flea treatment
  • FREE month worming treatment
  • FREE bag of recommended pet food
  • 4 weeks FREE insurance with PetPlan that is active immediately
  • Advice on worming, diet, neutering, flea treatments
  • Booklet for your pets information
  • Free monthly weight checks with a nurse

Total cost just £112 for male cats and £129 for female cats to have your pet vaccinated, neutered and microchipped, and just £65 for puppies for their microchip and vaccines!

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