Top Tips for Fireworks

Although fireworks can be fun for us, unfortunately it is estimated that at least 80% of pets suffer from firework fears and noise phobias.

Fortunately, there are many strategies we can employ and simple measures that you can adopt around the home to help reduce this fear and its associated symptoms.

Many of these measures do need to be implemented in the weeks leading up to firework night and work best if instituted prior to the fearful event.

Some pets will benefit from calming pet collars, sprays, and a simple plug-in diffuser or from tablets with natural calming substances that you can collect from the surgery.

However, some dogs and cats may require stronger medication to help them through this difficult time. Please contact us on 0161 928 8367 to make an appointment to discuss the best strategy for your pet and refer to these top tips and websites for more useful advice:-

  1. Provide a den/covered area where your pet can feel safe.
  2. Increase feeling of security by placing a pheromone plug-in nearby.
  3. Allow your pet to hide in their preferred hiding place.
  4. Ensure your dog/cat is micro chipped so that if they escape and panic they have the best chance of being returned to you when found.
  5. Ensure all windows and doors are secured to avoid them bolting in fear.
  6. Walk your dog when it is light outside in the lead up to fireworks night and before the fireworks start.
  7. Provide distraction with toys etc. especially in the den you have created.
  8. DO NOT punish your pet.
  9. Ignore fearful behaviour; although it is tempting to reassure them, they may feel that you are anxious too and their anxiety is being rewarded/ encouraged.
  10. Bring hutches inside/cover them with blankets and offer plenty of bedding.

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